The Evolution of Ford marketing & explaining Promotion Marketing in Ford

The Evolution of Ford through pictures

The Ford Fiesta became the first international successful front wheel drive in 1976. (Ford 2020) However, it was discontinued in the US in 1980 until 2010 (Confused 2016)
Ford headquarters today in Dearborn, Michigan, the epicentre of the firm(pinimg)
Screenshot of the ford website and the 2020 sales event.  Ford also offer financing schemes for the buyer instead of bank loans.  Giving the customer online choices, making it easier to compare with other car manufacturers
In 1955 Ford launched the Thunderbird also known as ‘the car everyone would love to own.’ Starting at $3,696, it was the Ford’s most expensive model by 1959 (conceptzcars)
Screenshot of Ford’s resource and support page for online queries.  The customer is given the choice of FAQs that should answer their queries.  They are also able to book services online (Ford 2020) 
Employee profiles on the website are another enticing and encouraging way to draw people in to want to work for them (Ford 2020) Workers benefits include health insurance,  sick leave and paid time off (Future Fuel 2019
The Ford Mondeo, one of the old reliables ‘still has its charm’.  It has modernise with the times with its metallic colour and hybrid version to attract environmentally conscious drivers.  (Irishtimes)

Promotion in Ford

Ford uses both inbound and outbound marketing techniques to promote both products and services while maintaining a relationship with its customers.  In 2019, Ford’s revenue was $155.9 billion (Statista, 2020), actually 3% down from the previous year 2017-2018.  Thus showing the importance of changing with the times and to modernising promotion marketing mix strategies.  

Promotion is one of the most powerful elements in the marketing mix (Borden, Neil H).  Without an effective promotion marketing mix, the company is unable to reach it’s potential buyers. Outbound, traditional marketing strategies are still used widely by Ford in promoting products and services.  In Ford’s case, the target market is highly varied and spans the global economy.( Ferguson, 2017). As an already established brand, tv advertising is a way for Ford to promote new products and deals to a large amount of people regardless of their interest in the product.  In conjunction with advertising on TV, Ford have a YouTube channel with 2.06 million subscribers (YouTube 2020). YouTube is an effective inbound marketing strategy, allowing the company to reach and communicate with 2 billion monthly active users.  (Business of Apps 2020).  In their latest ad on YouTube, for the Ford Mustang ‘Bring on tomorrow’, Ford use music by Kayne West ‘Power’.  We follow a young man training for a race with the message to make it different, make it happen, make it big.  Like the Ford Mustang, who is changing for tomorrow by becoming an all-electric car.  In today’s world, people are more environmentally conscious.  Therefore, the Ford Mustang is an attractive car that appeals to a wide variety of people. 

Another of Fords marketing strategies that goes hand in hand with their outbound marketing is their use of sponsorship.  Sponsorships and partnerships are common marketing promotions amongst companies in the modern world. Today, Ford currently sponsor the Dermot & Dave radio show on Today Fm in Ireland.  The impact of this is that a Ford ad is played regularly during the three hour radio show, five days of the week, an ATL channel.  JNLR figures released in 2019 showed the show had a daily following of 163,000 (The Journal 2019).  

In 2017, Ford started a three year partnership with the NFL and become it’s official truck.  This uses more of the TTL channel. The NFL has a revenue of $14.48 billion in 2018, the highest figure to date (Statista).  According to Huff Post, 41% of their fans are male with the average age ranging between 50-59.  Ford use these figures to their advantage in promoting the Ford F-series by using buzz words such as toughest lineup and  statements like ‘The NFL players are tough, smart and capable—just like the Ford F-Series’, appealing the viewers (Ford 2017).  Ford also run competitions injunction with the NFL partnership,  to win tickets to an exclusive ‘Build Ford® Tough Tailgate’ and a ride to the game, endorsing itself.  There’s also a chance to win Super Bowl tickets and an all new F-series Super Duty, targeting your audience.  The advantages are that the customer  associates Ford with the NFL and therefore are more inclined to research Ford when buying a new car.  Ford use the slogan Build Ford Tough, which leads to content marketing, creating a hashtag #buildfordtough.  Social media tools embolden users to participate in discussions, share opinions and engage with others in real time.(Native Digital Businesses).  The hashtag encourages the customer to share their experiences or purchases on social media platforms such as Twitter(1.2m followers) and Instagram(4m followers).  

To conclude, Ford use both outbound and inbound marketing strategies to reach and communicate with range of people, attracting potential customers and keep the relationship with existing customers. Ford have managing to continued their success by updating their approve in using both traditional and modern methods of advertising.

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