What if……

Many times throughout our lifetime we ask ourselves ‘what if….’. ‘What if I studied more’, ‘What if I moved here’ or ‘what if I didn’t do that course………’ There are so many factors to consider.

But what if we stop for a moment and analyse these ‘what ifs’. If we look into them in detail and exam their outcomes.

Right now I am at a crossroads. The current situation isn’t helping me with my decisions. By asking myself these ‘what ifs’, I hope they will guide me to my destination

Here are some of my ‘what ifs’

  • What if I take this career break?
    • Then I can be free to travel a new path in life and explore
  • What if I fail?
    • You won’t fail, you’ll gain experience and use it to strengthen yourself
  • What if it’s difficult?
    • Of course it will be difficult but that’s what shapes us into who we are
  • What if I enjoy it and find something I love?
    • Well then it was all worth it

Things happen for a reason (cliché) but I’ve learnt over the years that things will happen and if they are meant for you, you’ll jump on board and if not you’ll wait for the next bus.

I don’t want to wake up some day and wonder why I never hopped on or off that bus

I want to wake up and say ‘well that was a great journey, where to next?’

Published by The Social Cat

Hey my name is Karen and I'm a Social Media Manager. Feel free to email me and we can chat

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