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What if……

Many times throughout our lifetime we ask ourselves ‘what if….’. ‘What if I studied more’, ‘What if I moved here’ or ‘what if I didn’t do that course………’ There are so many factors to consider. But what if we stop for a moment and analyse these ‘what ifs’. If we look into them in detailContinue reading “What if……”

Introduce Yourself

Who am I? And why am I creating a website? I’m asking myself the same question!! My name is Karen and I am hoping to take a break from my 9-5 job as a teacher (or 9-4 as most would say!). I am currently enrolled in a digital marketing course and hoping to become aContinue reading “Introduce Yourself”

The Evolution of Ford marketing & explaining Promotion Marketing in Ford

The Evolution of Ford through pictures Promotion in Ford Ford uses both inbound and outbound marketing techniques to promote both products and services while maintaining a relationship with its customers.  In 2019, Ford’s revenue was $155.9 billion (Statista, 2020), actually 3% down from the previous year 2017-2018.  Thus showing the importance of changing with theContinue reading “The Evolution of Ford marketing & explaining Promotion Marketing in Ford”

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